Strengh & Conditioning

Strength, fitness and conditioning are very important aspects for both training and competing in Muay Thai. The fitter a student is the longer we can concentrate on learning new techniques while improving the skills set we already have. Also when a fighter is competing they have adrenalin surging through their body. Adrenalin is great at masking pain, it instead manifest itself as tiredness and this is why fitness is so important.

We incorporate fitness, strength and endurance into each class but because it is so important we also run separate sessions dedicated to strength and conditioning.

These sessions vary and can include, incredible body weight circuits, free weight circuits, kettlebell classes, hill sprint sessions, stair running, mini fitness competitions, strength and endurance challenges and CV drills so crazy that if we told you what we were going to do you’d say it was impossible (until you’ve done them, then you realise that you are capable of doing far more than you ever believed you could).