Become A Member

We do not believe in memberships, tie in’s or have a minimum number of classes you are expected to attend.

You simply pay as and when you play, your first class is free and after that you are officially a member of the GTBA family!

After that you can come and train as often or as infrequent as you can or want.

We don’t operate a grading system as there is no official grading system in Thai Boxing. We instead encourage setting personal goals such as, getting to a level of confidence where you can spar, taking part in an interclub, participating in the many running races we compete in, getting to the level of being a fighter, becoming a champion or becoming an instructor and part of our coaching crew.

Each and every goal is a worthy target to aim for, all we ask is youdon’t discount yourself from achieving any level or goal until you are good enough to do it, then and only then are you truly positioned to make that call.

Another benefit from becoming part of Team GTBA is our extensive contacts list of Thailand Based Gyms. If you are thinking about a holiday in Thailand and want to take in some training while you are there we can help arrange that our club discount is passed on to you, alternatively if you fancy training in Thailand for a prolonged period of time we can arrange for you to get our club discount to stay, train and fight out some of the best gyms in Thailand.