Q I’m not confident about my fitness, flexibility and or my strength. Is Thai Boxing for me?
A Yes, it doesn’t matter what level of fitness etc you are when you start, we help you build and improve on it from the very first class. If you are willing to put the effort in you will see massive leaps of improvement in no time at all.

Q What should I wear?
A Shorts and t-shirt, jogging bottoms and t-shirt, leggings and a t-shirt. Any of these are fine. If you think along the lines of typical gym wear without shoes and you’ve got it.

Q I see you sell club t-shirts, shorts etc, is this part of a mandatory uniform?
A Although we do stock and sell club branded clothes and accessories, the only thing that would constitute being part of a mandatory uniform is a smile. Everything else you wear is your choice.

Q I have never trained Thai Boxing and/or any other martial arts, will this be a problem?
A No, it’s not a problem. Without fail every single champion started off as martial arts novice at some point. The greatest journeys all start with a first step.

Q I’m really not keen on thought of being punched in the face, is Thai Boxing for me?
A People who enjoy being punched in the face tend to make poor Thai Boxers, brilliant punch bags but poor Thai Boxers. I would suggest that NOT liking being punched in the face is actually a very good thing from a Thai Boxing point of view.

Q Do I need to book in for a class in advance?
A No, you can pop down for any of the classes whenever you want.

Q Is there a minimum number of classes I need to attend?
A No, you train as often as you want and or can. Obviously the more frequently you train the faster you will see improvements but there is no minimum attendance expected.

Q My family/ friend/friends are also interested in trying out a class, is it ok if they come along as well?
A Yes, they are all welcome to come and try a class for free as well

Q I have trained Thai Boxing at another gym before, am I entitled to a first free class?
A Yes you are. Although you may have trained elsewhere previously, you haven’t experienced the GTBA buzz, yet!

Q What equipment do I need to start
A Nothing but a smile and good attitude, we have everything you will need to get started at the gym. If you have your own gloves etc then by all means please feel free to bring and use them but if not then no problem at all.

Q I’ve just done my 1st class and now I’m buzzing with the Muay Thai bug! I want to buy every piece of Thai Boxing equipment there is. What should I buy first?
A I would strongly recommend that you don’t buy anything at first. Buying the best gloves shin guards etc will not transform you into an experienced Thai Boxer, only hard work will do that. If you insist on retail therapy then I would recommend that you start of buying stuff that you can use even if you stopped training such as a club t-shirt.

Q I’m looking for a fun, safe and positive environment to train in, is this right the gym for me?
A Yes, without a doubt, and if you enjoy the music of Boney M, even better! If you don’t like Boney M or even worse are wondering what a Boney M is, then shame on you! But don’t worry we can help you with that as well.