Club Rules

Not all rules are there to be broken but if your naughty we may need to break a few things!

We like to think of our club as a friendly set up. In order to keep the club that way we have designed a rules sheet to make sure all students are able to enjoy training without any bulling or negativity.

The 3 BIG rules of the club

No bullies, bigots or bad manners.

These rules are set in stone. I’m sure everyone can appreciate why we are so stringent about them.

  • The word “can’t” is totally and absolutely forbidden, as is the use of any negative reinforcement. We are winners and to be a winner you must have a positive mentality. A 50 press up fine will be administered to anyone breaking this rule (100 for the fighters).
  • Any complaining, groaning, muttering, carping etc will be subject to “moaning tax” which is a standard 50 press ups.
  • A reasonable level of personal hygiene is expected from all students. Perspiration is a natural reaction to intensive exercising but coming to training with the odour of last week’s workout is not acceptable. Nails should be kept short and clean. Nails that look like they were designed for scaling Palm trees are not only un-hygienic but are also dangerous and therefore not acceptable.
  • All jewellery and piercing must be removed or taped up.
  • Any sprains, pains, injuries or conditions must be disclosed to an instructor before class. We will wherever possible adapt the drills to work around injury you may be carrying but if we feel that you condition would worsen through training we will let you know and ask you not to participate.
  • Anyone who talks over an instructor when they are giving the class a drill or combination etc will be subject to a press up fine of, yes 50 press ups. Talking over an instructor is not only rude and disrespectful it is also un-fair on the students who are trying to hear what the instructors are saying.
  • Football tops/colours are allowed in the class as is friendly banter between students but if this becomes anything more serious or sinister than friendly banter a blanket ban of football colours will immediately be brought in.
  • No alcohol consumption before training, this is for your safety and the safety of your fellow students. We are Thai Boxers not beer boxers.
  • No alcohol for fighters six weeks before a fight, if this is a problem please contact Alcoholics Anonymous as a matter of urgency.

If anyone feels that these rules are un-fair please speak to any of the instructors and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Any students found breaking any of these rules will be given a gruelling and horrible punishment involving some nasty excessive type things.