As you would expect from a Thai Boxing Gym, all our classes are taught with becoming a better Muay Thai boxer/Martial Artist in mind. It is therefore very important to cover every aspect of Thai Boxing training including, techniques, conditioning, fitness, and fighting strategies.

That said you don’t have to be or even want to be a fighter to enjoy or reap the rewards from the various classes, e.g. we do lots of abdominal exercises as the fighters need a strong core to soak up the punishing kicks and knees that their opponent will throw at them during a fight but if you don’t want to fight you’ll still end up with strong lean and defined abdominal muscles.

All our classes are mixed with the exception of students who have up and coming bouts, they are taken separately by members of the fight coaching team. All students are trained as if they are fighters regardless of wither or not you are competing. This way everyone gets the experience of proper Muay Thai training without having to commit themselves to a fight.

We do have classes designed for those who want to fight, these sessions are still open to everyone but tend to be slightly more intensive with harder sparring and gruelling circuits, great for anyone who wants to be pushed past what they thought were their own limits, students who want to step up to competition fighting, experienced fighters and or anyone who enjoys testing themselves. We would however advise you, if you have little or no prior experience of Thai Boxing or training martial arts that you come along to some of the general classes first to allow us to teach you the basics. This will let you get far more out of the more advanced sessions.

Each instructor has their own energies and ways of running classes, with common themes that runs through all of them; fun, safe, enjoyable and friendly. As a club we encourage anyone who has any ideas on how to make the classes better to let us know so we can incorporate them into our workouts. This has led us to us doing drills and exercises from a wide range of activities including different martial arts, military style training drills, training drills from sports as diverse as squash and football.