Muay Thai Classes

All our classes are open to anyone regardless of age, experience or reason for training. The only exception to this is our kids classes which for obvious reasons are age restricted.

At the GTBA we pride ourselves on the fact that everyone trains together, we do split classes according to level of experience etc. We find that this enhances the team feeling around the gym and also encourages a more family feel to the club.

We do have a dedicated team of coaches for the fighters’ stable but when the fighters are not in training for a fight they are enjoying the fun of the main class.

We try to keep the classes fresh and interesting by mixing up each class so no two sessions are the same. A typical class format would be along the lines of:

We start with a warm up, this can include any of the following; skipping, light circuit training and/or short intensive bursts of high energy activity. This is followed by a full body stretch to help improve flexibility and to avoid sprains, muscle pulls and injury.

We then move on to pad work where we learn refine and perfect, speed, accuracy, power and technique (as well as getting a sweat induced high octane work out).

We then move onto sparring (optional) and then a circuit before finishing with a deep stretch.

And in no time at all the fastest two hours of your life is gone.